AppSense Server Configuration Utility returns “This user isn’t allowed to sign in to this computer”

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    Verified Product Versions

    Management Center 8.7Management Center 8.6Management Center 8.5Management Center 8.4Management Center 8.3Management Center 8.2Management Center 8.1Management Center 8.0Environment Manager 8.0Environment Manager 8.1Environment Manager 8.2Environment Manager 8.3Environment Manager 8.4Environment Manager 8.5Environment Manager 8.6


    This issue occurs when using impersonated Configuration and Service account credentials.

    In the Server Configuration Utility [SCU], after entering the credentials click Next and the following message is returned.


    • This user isn’t allowed to sign in to this computer


    The configuration cannot then be completed.


    The AppSense SCU Configuration & Service accounts are restricted from interactive logon to the current machine.

    This restricted configuration is usually applied to service accounts in secure environements and can be applied.

    This can be applied at either Group Policy or Local Policy level.

    To allow interactive logon to the AppSense Server machine account(s) for the configuration & service accounts you will need to enable the logon permission in the following location in either Local or Group Policy.

    • Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignments
    In here you need to locate the following option and allow the accounts to logon:
    • Deny log on locally
    If the issue still occurs then the following may also be set:
    • Deny Logon through Terminal Services
    It is also worth checking the 'Log On To' machines for each service account in the accounts Active Directory object under the 'Account' tab.