Logon events are no longer generated after upgrade

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    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 8.5


    Since upgrading to Environment Manager 8.5, you find that Logon Events are not being generated from your 8.5 Endpoints.

    Prior to upgrade, your Auditing was set to generate the Logon Events below and events were correctly generated from your pre 8.5 Endpoints.


    When upgrading your EM configuration to 8.5, there is a default console option to utilize the new 8.5 Logon Sub-Triggers.

    If you choose to upgrade your 8.5 configuration with this option, the Logon Sub-Trigger Actions will not generate the Legacy 9405 or 9406 events that you are currently Auditing.

    In order to correctly audit 8.5 Logon Sub-Trigger Actions you will need to utilize the following events: