Master Key error when access Client Access Credentials

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    When trying to access the Client Access Credentials tab within the Management Console, you recieve an error relating to the Master Key being unavailable or not existing.




    The issue occurs because the RSA Keys required for encryption are not accessible by the account(s) which the ManagementServer IIS Application Pool has have been configured to run under.

    Ensure the account which the application pools are running as to have READ/EXECUTE permissions to the RSA Key Folder

    On Windows 2003, this is in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto

    On Windows 2008 and above, this is in %PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\Crypto

    To verify which Account your 'Application Pool' is running under:

    • Open the IIS Management Console (INETMGR.MSC).
    • Open the Application Pools node underneath the machine node. Select the Application Pool you want to change to run under an automatically generated Application Pool Identity.
    • Right click the Application Pool and select "Advanced Settings..."
    • Select the "Identity" list item and you will see the Account which the specific ApplicationPool is running under