BITS Handler Mapping Incorrect Location Error

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    AppSense Management Center 8.5AppSense Management Center 8.4AppSense Management Center 8.3AppSense Management Center 8.2AppSense Management Center 8.1AppSense Management Center 8.0


      If your Server Operating System has been installed to a Drive other than c:, you will find that the BITS Handler mapping within :  
        Default WebSite > Management Server > Deployment > Events  
        Will be incorrectly pointing at a     c:\windows\system32 location.  



    When using a version of Management Center prior to 8.6 SP1, the application is expecting the relevant dll to be present within c:\windows\system32


    To resolve this issue in a release prior to AMC 8.6 SP1,  you will need to manually update the Executable location path via IIS Management Snap-in:



    • Navigate to Default WebSite > Management Server > Deployment > Events
    • Choose Handler Mappings from the Features View pane
    • Select Open Feature from the Action pane
    • Choose BitsHandler > Edit
    • Change the Executable location to the relevant System Directory on your Machine