Error: Cannot Find Agent (Different Agent Responded)

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    A schedule task does fail with the following error:


    Cannot Find Agent (Different Agent Responded)


    • Cause 1: The client targeted in the task is no longer reachable in the network with the TCP/IP information stored in the LANDesk database. This could be caused by the client having a newer IP address allocated by the corporate DHCP server.


    • Cause 2: It can also happen when you try to deploy an advanced agent when trying to install a new agent via an Advanced Agent installation method, in case of the current agent already communicating with a different Core Server. Typically, during an upgrade side-by-side when upgrading the old agent to the new one for example.


    • For Cause 1:
    Force a new inventory scan on the client or a Miniscan, which updates the TCP/IP configuration for the client.


    Note: The LANDesk agent can also be configured to run an Inventory Scan if the device's IP address change


    If the machine comes back online but does not send in a scan to update the TCP/IP information it can be remote controlled by its current IP address with the LDMS remote viewer. By hitting connect/disconnect and typing in the IP


    If the remote control function is not working on the target machine but it is online, the record for the machine can be deleted from all devices(or pending unmanaged or UDD), then run a UDD scan. From there push a new agent. This will reinstall the agent services and force a full scan.
    • For Cause 2:


    Just leave it, and ignore this message, it will disappear from the Schedule task at some point and the installation of the agent will successfully work.