Getting error message "String or binary data would be truncated"

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    I'm getting error message:

    "String or binay data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated."


    error message string or binary.jpg





    This error message means that you are trying to add more characters in to a field than the relevant field can hold. When you manually type in to a field you will not be able to continue typing over the fields character limit, but if you for example copy the value over to the field with a copy rule or placeholder, or if you import a value in to this field, the value could potentially be longer than the field will allow. This is when you get this error message.





    You get the error message when performing a process action:


    If the error occurs while trying to perform a process action, have a look in your process in Process Designer and see what automatic actions you have following the action you are getting the error message on. Then check to see if you have any placeholders or runtime value set in this automatic action. If you do, look at the character lenght of the attribute the runtime value or placeholder is added on to and then compare it to the character lenght of the attribute you are collecting the value from. If the source can hold more characters than the target, then you will face this issue if you enter more character in to the source than the target can hold.


    For example:


    You have attribute "Title" on your Note Object. This is set to hold up to 64 characters.


    note attribute.jpg


    You have attribute: "Note Title" on your Reminder Object. This is set to hold up to 60 characters.


    reminder note title.jpg



    You design your process so that you can add a note which will then add a reminder. You want the Title of the Note to be showing on the reminder in the "Note Title" attribute, so you create a runtime value or placeholder to copy this value over.


    reminder note title runtime value.jpg


    When you now add a note on to your Incident you will be able to type in a maximum of 64 characters in to your Title attribute. When this then is copied over to the "Note Title" attribute on the Reminder window, if you have entered more than 60 characters in to the Title field, the system will not be able to copy over the full text as the Note Title attribute can only hold up to 60 characters and instead the error message will show.

    If you have typed in 60 characters or less the value will copy without any problem.



    You get the error message when performing a Data Import:


    If you get this error message in the import log files whilst doing a Data Import, you are trying to import a value which is larger than the target will be able to hold.

    To solve this you can truncate the value that is being imported.

    To do this, go to your Data Import Mapping. Find the relevant Attribute that you are importing to, right click and select "Convert Attribute Values"


    data import.png


    In the Truncation option you can choose to Truncate to a specific size or you can choose to Truncate to Target Size, meaning it will truncate to the same length as the target attribute is set to.


    data import2.png



    You get the error message when working in Object Designer:


    If the error occurs while editing objects in Object Designer it's because someone has manually altered the maximum size of an Attribute. This is not a supported change and shouldn't be actioned. Please contact your Support Provider who will be able to help you set this back.