Preventing Event Related data from being displayed within the Management Server Console

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    Management Center 8.7


    In environments were auditing of high volume of Enterprise Events is utilised, Management Server Console performance can suffer from degradation when navigating around the console.


    During numerous navigation operations, the SQL Events View is utilised to return Event related data back to the console.  When a high voulme of events exist within the database this can impact on performance.

    Solution 150803034119372 discusses how Event and Alert data can be managed via SQL scripts.

    However, if purging the events available is not an option, performance can be alleviated by making an alteration to the Events View this will result in no Event data relaying back to the console.

    The attached SQL change has undergone rudimentary testing by Development with Management Server 8.7.620 and no adverse impact has been identified.

    CAUTION: If this change is to be implemented, before any subsequent schema upgrades are carried out this alteration must be reverted back to the default Events View.

    This Article is for Internal Informational purposes only.


    AMC87SP1_Alter EventsView to return 0 events.sql