Windows Personalization Template - Office 2016 / 365

Version 4


    Update 04/04/2016 - This Personalization Template is now included 'Out-Of-Box' with Environment Manager 8.6 Service Pack 3 or greater. Please read the Release Notes for further details here


    This Personalization Template provides the standard settings required in order to personalize Microsoft Office 2016 / 365 with EM 8.5 (and above).


    Included with the Download is the following:


    Application Group - Microsoft Office 2016/365 Group (with the relevant Applications assigned)


    Windows Settings Group - Office 2016/365 Identity and Registration


    Windows Settings Group - Office 2016/365 Online Services


    NOTE: The XML file also contains an update to the OOB Mail Profile & Signatures WSG in order to personalize the Office 2016 Mapi Profile




    Instructions for use


    We advise that this Template is firstly evaluated and tested in a Non-Production Scenario to ensure the configured settings are suitable for your requirements.


    1. Launch the EM Console and connect to the Personalization Server/Database
    2. Navigate to the XML Template via the Tools > Import option
    3. Leave all options ticked and click OK
    4. If a Resolve Conflicts Dialog appears, leave Actions as Replace All (Note - Any OOB Windows Settings Groups will not have their Default Custom Settings replaced, a settings merge will occur)
    5. Assign the Microsoft Office 2016/365 Group to the relavant Personalization Group
    6. Customers utilizing Office 365 and Online Services (eg: Sharepoint) are advised to also assign both of the WSG's provided to ensure optimal performance.  This also allows the user's Office 365 Identity and Registration details to be accessible to Applications outside of the Office 2016/365 Application Group (eg: OneDrive for Business/Skype).  It is not advisable to add OneDrive or Skype Applications to the Application Group as Personalization Sync issues can occur
    7. Ensure that the OOB Security WSG is also assigned to the relevant Personalization Group.  This default WSG needs no alterations, but is essential to persist the Users 365 Credentials between sessions
    8. To persist the MAPI profile, ensure that the Mail Profile and Signatures WSG is also assigned




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    See Attachment : Office2016_365_EMPS_v1.2.xml (below)