Upgrading AMC and PS Databases to V10 - "Problems were encountered during the setup process"

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    AppSense Environment Manager 10.0


    When upgrading the Management or Personalization database to version 10, the following error is seen:


    Problems were encounted during the setup process


    When upgrading the database in the Server Configuration Portal, you may seen the following errors and are unable to upgrade;

    Management Database

    Problems were encountered during the setup process
    Connected user does not have permissions to fufill property; Logins
    The connected user does not have permission, class: SERVER, permission name: ALTER ANY LOGIN, on object: SERVER

    Personalization Database

    Updating Database Connection Failed
    Problems were encounted during the setup process
    Failed to retrieve an underlying collection using property 'Logins'
    The configuration account does not have sufficient rights to view and modify logins.
    A miscellaneous error cocurred whilst committting an element
    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    The above error will occur if the Configuration Account being used does not have the persmission to alter or create logins for the Service Account. Ensure the Configuration Account has the correct permissions assigned on the SQL Server and the target database.

    • For upgrades the "SecurityAdmin" role is required, once the upgrade is completed this role can be removed.

    For more information regarding Account Permissions please refer to the link below.