Duplicate Folders When Redirecting Special Folders with EM

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    Duplicate folders are visible in the “Users Files” (%userprofile%) view on Vista/W7/2008 when redirecting special folders with Environment Manager (EM). 


    The reason for this is that this view is in reality a merged library consisting of both links to the users special folders and any files/folders within the users {CSIDL_PROFILE} directory.

    Depending on the user accounts permissions, after folder redirection has been applied, the original local folders in the users profile are not deleted and so the view ends up displaying both the special folder and the physical original (as they are now two different locations).

    To stop showing the local location you can modify the registry to prevent the Users Files view from enumerating the {CSIDL_PROFILE} folder and this ensures that only the special folders are visible. 
    This can be applied for either a computer (HKLM) or single user (HKCU) and can be set using the EM configuration, under the Computer Startup node (for HKLM) or User Logon node (for HKCU)


    Key Name: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\NonEnum
    Value Name: {DFFACDC5-679F-4156-8947-C5C76BC0B67F}

    Value Type: 32-bit DWORD

    Value Data: 0x1

    Please find 2 example configurations with the above set, one is set at Computer Startup the other User Logon.

    The view will then go from this:

    To this:


    4_20150623153424_Folder View at Computer Startup and User Logon.zip