User Workspace Management (formerly known as DesktopNow) End of Maintenance Policy

Version 10


    Ivanti User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense) delivers innovative and cost-effective software and offers maintenance for those products according to the following policy.


    Each release of an Ivanti User Workspace Management (UWM) product has a minimum period in which Ivanti provides updates, aggregated as a Service Pack or as cumulative hotfixes. These updates may contain security fixes, bug fixes and minor improvements in product behavior.


    The maintenance period for each product commences from the initial release date (often referred to as general availability or GA) and continues as follows:


    • For the Ivanti UWM products (Environment Manager, Application Control (formerly Application Manager), Performance Manager and the Management Center), the maintenance period is 3 years from GA, or 12 months after the release of the latest Service Pack, whichever is the later.
    • For the server and desktop components of the File Director (formerly DataNow) products, the maintenance period is 2 years from GA, or 12 months after the release of the latest Service Pack, whichever is the later.
    • For the mobile components of the File Director products, maintenance is only offered for the latest version available from the App Store and Google Play Store. No previous version will be maintained.


    Once a product maintenance period expires then the product enters an EoM state and no further updates for the product will be developed or tested by Ivanti. To ensure our customers continue to benefit from the latest fixes, feature additions and platform support, Ivanti strongly recommends they upgrade to the latest product versions.


    Customers who have an active Technical Helpdesk Support (THS) contract with Ivanti, and continue to use any product after its EoM date, will retain access to existing product resources and to our technical support teams but Ivanti will not create updates for EoM versions if an investigation identifies that one is required. In these cases, our support team will advise the customer of any later release of the product in which the issue is fixed, or will document and report the issue to the Ivanti UWM Product Management team for possible inclusion in future product releases.


    To view the maintenance expiry dates for our products, please visit the relevant Maintenance Lifecycle page below:


    Application Control Maintenance Lifecycle (formerly Application Manager)


    File Director Maintenance Lifecycle (formerly DataNow)


    Environment Manager Maintenance Lifecycle


    Insight Maintenance Lifecycle


    Management Center Maintenance Lifecycle


    Performance Manager Maintenance Lifecycle


    Product Life Cycle Policy for Ivanti Workspace Control (formerly RES ONE Workspace) and VDX



    To view end of life expiry dates for our products, please visit the page below:

    End of Life User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense) Products




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