How to Elevate a Process without Elevating Child Processes

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Application Control 8.9


    NOTE: This functionality was introduced in Support Hotfix AM 8.9 SP3 Agent HF4, Console HF1 & Web Services HF1

    These hotfixes introduce a new option to the Allow and Allow and Elevate options currently available in the Policy Change Request feature. They add the ability to Allow and Elevate an application without elevating child processes. For further information, see Policy Change Requests in the AppSense Application Manager Product Guide.

    This new option is used on the Application Manager Policy Change Request dialog and the Helpdesk Portal to both request a change and to generate the request/response codes.

    To enable this functionality, all the following hotfix component are required:

    •          Application Manager 8.9 SP3 Console HF1
    •          Application Manager 8.9 SP3 Web Services HF1
    •          Application Manager 8.9 SP3 Agent HF4


    Once you have deployed the components, you must upgrade existing Application Manager configurations by loading them into the updated console and re-saving them.


    To access the new functionality, follow the steps in the Product Guide to enable Policy Change Requests and launch the Policy Change Request dialog. In the Request Type drop-down, you’ll see an additional option, Allow and Elevate (excluding child processes).




    On the Helpdesk portal, the same option has also been added to the Request Type drop-down because this option is used to generate correct response codes.