My function keys do not work with SAP WebSapConsole

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    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    Applies to: CETerm, CE3270, CE5250, CEVT220



    User needs to remap keys so that these are functional with HTML page output generated by WebSAPConsole.


    WebSAPConsole can be setup to generate HTML pages with ad-hoc extensions supported by either Intermec iBrowse or Symbol SPB. CETerm is compatible with most of these extensions and offers additional extensions within our Web Browser. The Web Browser programming reference manual discusses these.

    You do need to configure key remapping within CETerm. Also you do not need the WebSAPConsole to generate output for either Intermec iBrowse or Symbol Pocket Browser. CETerm will work with the WebSAPConsole without either of these modules.

    Please follow these steps to map keys in CETerm to activate Javascript methods in your page.

    1. Copy the file "sapkeys.txt" to your device. sapKeys are below.
    2. Under Session->Configure->Options, tap "Configure Keybars and Keys.."
    3. Move to the "User Text" tab.
    4. Select "Load from File" and select the sapkeys.txt file.
    5. Move to the "Edit Keymap" tab
    6. Select the "HTML Keymap" for editing.
    7. Add the following "New" keys. (This is tedious, but can be copied via registry keys to other devices.)

    a. Virtual Key F1 -> Action "Text 1"
    b. Virtual Key F2 -> Action "Text 2"
    c. ....... (continue to remap all other function keys)
    d. Virtual Key F10 -> Action "Text 10"
    e. Virtual Key PRIOR -> Action "Text 11"
    f. Virtual Key NEXT -> Action "Text 12"
    g. Virtual Key RETURN -> Action "Text 13"

    8. Make sure on the "Select Keymap" tab that you have checked "Emulation" for "Session Keymap Type" and "Include Common Map"

    The function keys will now activate the same actions as the Ctrl+# keys. The PageUp and PageDn will activate the 192 and 193 actions if any are defined. The Enter key will perform the delayed Submit.

    You can change the "sapkeys.txt" file to do different actions if you understand the HTML in the page.



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