How do I hide the tap and hold Context Menu in a Browser session?

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    CETerm 5.7

    On Windows Mobile devices, when a page is accessed using our Browser, if you tap and hold the stylus on the page for a few seconds, you get a popup context menu with the following 3 options:

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    This context menu is a standard menu with these entries in the Browser. To disable it you can use configure an empty Custom Keybar 6. Within CETerm, entries in Custom Keybar 6 can be enabled to appear on the Context menu. You can configure an empty "Custom Keybar 6" to "remove" the context menu entries. Here are the steps:

    1. Go to Session -> Configure -> Options -> Configure Keybars & Keys -> Custom Bar
    2. From the top dropdown, select "Custom Keys 6"
    3. Delete all entries on this keybar. Note you will not be allowed to delete "Prev Keybar"
    4. Enable the checkbox "Enable Custom Context Menu"
    5. Hit OK all the way out

    Now when you tap and hold the stylus, you will not get a context menu as it is empty.