How can I change the User Agent string form my Browser?

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    CETerm 5.7

    The Web User Agent is a setting used by a web browser which allows it to specify a "User-Agent" value that is included with the HTTP protocol header information. This value is used by the web server to determine what type of Browser is being run on the device.

    You can change the User Agent setting used by CETerm for its Web Browser sessions. The attached HTML page can be loaded in any CETerm Browser session and used to select a different User Agent. Presently this web page only allows selection of available values. However it can easily be modified to specify an exact string for your web server.

    Download the CETerm User Agent Web Page below

    To use the web page,

    1. Download it to your desktop. Extract the CETermUserAgent.htm page
    2. Copy the page to the root directory of the device.
    3. In CETerm, configure a Browser session and set the Host Address to:

    NOTE: You can also see the registry locations that are modified within this HTML page and make direct edits to the registry to change the setting.

    You must restart CETerm for the change to take effect and you may need to warm boot reset the device (to be sure all browsers are closed).