Steps to load and run a script

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    If you have a WEH or other Windows CE OS platform running on your terminal, the same steps apply, however your configuration dialogs will look slightly different due to the difference in the OS platform GUI interface.


    To load and run a script, follow the steps in the video. Please note the following:

    • Scripts are only supported starting with version 5.1 or later.
    • A script in not specifc to any single session. Any script can apply to any configured session.
    • Scripts implement well defined event handlers with specific function names. These are called by CETerm when that event happens. Examples are OnBarcodeRead, OnSessionConnect, OnReceive etc.
    • Scripts can be associated with or re-mapped to keys.
    • It is recommended that you write the script source code on your desktop using any text editor and then copy the file to the terminal. You can then import the script into CETerm.
    • If your script uses some file, registry or application launch operaions, enable these options from Session -> Configure -> Options -> Configure Scripting -> General.
    • If a script implements an event handler which can happen at any time, you may want to mark it as "Load at Startup" so that it is always available.


    You should review the Scripting Guide for details. CETerm Manuals