Secure Password not accepted by Server Configuration Portal

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    In the interests of security, a password have been created for the Configuring or Service account for use with AppSense that contains a lot of special characters. However, when trying to setup the servers through the Server Configuration Portal, the password isn't accepted.



    When you attempt to create the Database Connection using the secure password, you get an Error similar to the one below;


    SCP Error.PNG


    The text of the error starts with;


                Server Error in '/' Application.



                 A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client (ServiceAccount.Password="...p4"G9[[}cd<F3").


    This is caused by Request Validation in DotNet 4.5. This is a security feature of DotNet and is not caused by the ivanti Software.

    This can be disabled by editing the Web.config file. However, this is NOT RECOMMENDED.

    Please see the Microsoft article below for further details.


    Request Validation in ASP.NET