AM OnDemand Not Elevating Processes

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Application Control 10.0


    Using AM on Demand to Allow and Elevate end user application installs. When the user enters the confirmation code into the AM OnDemand Application you are presented with a UAC Prompt, or you get an error or both.



    This can be caused by the existance of AmOnDemand.exe being listed in the DriverHookEx Custom Settings in the AM config.

    The reason this happens is when AmOnDemand is used to Allow and Elevate, It takes the elevation and acts as the parent proccess, launching the requested application. So AmOnDemand.exe is elevated and launches the requested process, passing the elevation token on the child application.

    If AmOnDemand.exe is added to the DriverHookEx setting, this stops AM from hooking AmOnDemand.exe. As AmOnDemand.exe is not hooked by AM, Am is unable to make the initial elevation, as such AmOnDemand.exe is unable to pass the elevation token on the the child process, casing the UAC prompt / Error.



    Remove AmOnDemand.exe from DriverHookEx.