6 Overlooked Problems related to Database Exceptions

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    Occasionally, customers are seeing issues with some devices in the console. These issues range from problems running inventory and security scans from the core server to problems creating specific scopes. This document is not going to cover the resolution as that is contained in another document (See Solution). This document is strictly so that all the issues can be searchable in community and we can resolve the problems quickly.




    If the device is already in the console:


    • The System cannot find the file specified



    This usually happens when upgrading the client from an older version. It is possible that new agents will run into this as well. Check to make sure that LDISCN32.EXE is in the following folder on the client machine:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient

    If so, this problem might be related to the database exceptions (See Solution).


    • Remote control option is grayed out


    rcgrayed out.png

    This issue can be caused by agent status icons missing or CBA not being loaded. It is also possible that this issue is caused by the database exceptions since the console may not have up-to-date information on the device.


    • CBA status not loaded



    Common Base Agent (CBA) status not loaded is related to communication issues. Anything from a firewall blocking the port to GPO configuration. I have seen this issue also caused by the Database exceptions that are seen in event viewer.


    • Partial Inventory records that wont update



    The data shown is from a MINI scan. The mini scans are able to be processed by the core server but full inventory scans are not due to the database exceptions (See Causes).


    • LDAP scope not resolving machines


    If the device is already in the console and you change the OU that the device is in, if you have database exceptions in your event viewer then it is possible you will run into this problem. You will be able to create the scope but when you go to resolve it, there will be no machines.


    If the device is not in the console:


    It will not show up. When the inventory service runs into an error on the scan, it will stop processing that scan, remove the updated data that it inserted into the database, and put the scan file into ErrorScan. This could be why some newly installed agents are not showing in the console although the agent install went through without any errors.




    All the above problems possibly have the same cause; Inventory not fully processing the scans. By "not fully processing", this means Database Exceptions are occurring when the inventory service is attempting to add the data to the database and is stopping the import of the inventory data. Depending on the database exception that is occurring, you will have different amounts of inventory data.




    The solution is to resolve the errors that you are seeing in event viewer. That can be done by following the Database Exception document that we have on the community.


    Once the database exceptions have been resolved, test whatever you were doing before to see if this resolved it. If the issue is still not resolved, please refer to the below documents depending on the issue you are seeing.