Can I report on how long the clock has been stopped on a call?

Version 2

    The TOTSTOP_HDW field from the CLTRCPT_HDW table is used to record the total number of minutes the clock has been stopped for.  It takes into account business hours relating to service levels. If the clock is stopped and restarted within a minute then no increment is recorded.


    Found this extract from a call that reports on total amount of time clock stopped,although apparently is not 100%


    - Take any amount in the TOTSTOP_HDW field in the Call Control Point table and divide it by 60 to give hours and minutes.

    - If the clock is currently stopped on the call, (which means that TOTSTOP has not yet been updated for the last stoppage time), take the STOPDATE_HDW and STOPTIME_HDW held in the Call Control Point table, (which is the last time that the clock was stopped), and subtract this from today's date and time OR the call resolved date and time as applicable.


    The two figures added together should in most cases give you the total stoppages on the calls.


    HD Classic all versions