Announcing Upcoming Upgrade to Our Patch Engine in August 2017

Version 3

    We at Ivanti are committed to always improving our products. As part of our product improvement we plan on upgrading our patch management engine for Windows devices. The upgraded patch engine will provide better performance and will enable us to support more third party Windows applications. However, the upgraded patch engine and the accompanied patch content (i.e the vulnerabilities to scan for and patch) will only work with LDMS/LDPM versions 9.6 and above, older (EOL) versions will not be supported.


    Implications for customers using EOL LDMS/LDPM versions (LDMS/LDPM versions 9.5 and below):

    • Starting August 1st, EOL LDMS/LDPM 9.5 cores or prior will stop receiving new patch content for Windows (this includes Windows OS patches, Microsoft office patches and all other third party Windows applications patches).
    • "Download update" tasks (defined under “Security and Compliance” -> "Patch and Compliance”) will continue to work however if the "Microsoft Windows vulnerabilities” checkbox is checked, only vulnerabilities definitions created by LANDESK before August 1st will be downloaded to the core.
    • Your LANDESK patch management solution will continue to work, however it will not be able to scan against latest vulnerabilities.
    • There is no change to non-Windows patching.


    Starting August 1st 2017, you will not be able to patch against the latest security threats if you are using an unsupported LDMS/LDPM version (Versions 9.5 and below).


    Note - in case you have LDMS/LDPM version 9.6 or 2016 in your environment in addition to the EOL version: the patch engine upgrade will be applied to all LDMS/LDPM 9.6 and 2016 versions automatically. There is no action required by LANDESK admins as the upgrade is designed to be transparent. EOL LDMS/LDPM versions will not have the patch engine upgraded.


    Our current EOL matrix can be found here:


    Our current product downloads can be found here:



    Please contact LANDESK support with any further questions you may have.