Process Termination may still appear to be active after the Application Manager Agent service has been stopped

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Application Control 10.1



    In Application Manager 10.1, a new feature called "Process Termination Control" was added, which can prevent users from administratively closing specific processes (for example by selecting 'end process' within task manager).


    You may find that if you disable Application Manager (by stopping the "AppSense Application Manager Agent" service on the endpoint), any processes configured for Process Termination Control still cannot be closed administratively by your users.




    This is expected behaviour due to the way this new feature works.


    When a process is launched, Application Manager checks the rules to determine whether we should stop the process from being terminated, and if so we modify the request to open this process to ensure the rights required to terminate the process are removed.


    This modification is tied to the running process so in most cases the restriction will remain in place for the lifetime of the process.


    NOTE: Process Termination only blocks the process from being closed administratively (e.g. using task manager, process explorer etc.). You will still be able to close the application normally when Process Termination Control is applied to a process (e.g. by clicking on "File > Exit" within the application).