Cannot delete the Connection Type from Data connection?

Version 1



    When attempting to delete the Connection Type from a Data connection in Console you might run into the following error:


    The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint 'fkey$md_query_atribute$at'. The conflict occurred in database 'x', table 'dbo.md_query_attribute', column 'md_attribute_type_guid'. The statement has been terminated.


    With the 'x' replacing your Service Desk Database name.




    Remove any queries and filters that are using your data connection.


    1. Log in to Console as SA on the server.
    2. Navigate to Designers, then to Query and Report Designer.
    3. In the "View by" section, click on the drop down menu, and select Module, and expand the System Queries folder and User Queries folder.
    4. Locate the name of your Data Connection/Connection Type, and expand that folder. Delete the contents of the folder.
    5. Check System Filters/User Filters as well to see if there are filters that are using your unwanted Data connection.