Network Ports used by Management Center (AppSense)

Version 3


    This document provides a list of common ports used by AppSense Management Center for building a base set of firewall rules.  The rules may change per environment, as ports are configurable during configuration.  The DesktopNow product guides discuss pre-requisites and should be reviewed.  It maybe easier to setup firewall rules based upon pre-requisites such as Windows File and Print Sharing, BITS etc than setting up the rules manually.



    AMC Agent (CCA)8.x

    HTTP(s): 80 / 443

    EndpointsServerOne way
    AMC Agent (CCA)10.x

    HTTP(s): 80 / 443 / 7751

    EndpointsServerOne way
    AMC Poll Now/Client DeploymentAll

    TCP: 135 / 139 / 445

    ServerEndpointsOne way
    AMC Transfer (BITS)AllBITS: (HTTP(s): 80 / 443)ServerEndpointsOne way
    Personalization Server Configuration Portal10.xHTTP(s): 7750Administrative EndpointsServerOne way
    SQL ReplicationSQL: 1433SQL ServersSQL ServersOne way
    SQL MirroringDBA DefinedSQL ServersSQL ServersBidirection


    Environment Manager Ports: Network Ports used by Environment Manager

    Application Control Ports: Network Ports used by Application Control (formerly Application Manager)

    File Director (formerly DataNow) Ports: Refer to installation guide

    Insight Ports: Refer to installation guide