How to add additional modules in the Workspaces Search gadget.

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.xService Desk 2017.x

    Requires Access To:

    Privileges with access to make changes in Knowledge Administration and Object Designer



    When trying to create a Search Gadget in Workspaces some of the modules (such as Request) are not showing:

    The selection may even appear blank:




    The search gadget relies on the knowledge index files being built and setup to include the modules you would like to appear.


    1. In the console open Administration - Knowledge Management Administration - Configuration

    2. Expand the module you wish to add and double click on the object. Scroll to the bottom of the Attributes list and you will see the Search Layout attributes.

    3. To add attributes to the search layout you can right click an attribute and select Add to Search Layout.

    4. Once you have added the attributes you desire to the Search Layout save your changes, open the Knowledge Settings, click on the Rebuild Knowledge action, and click Yes.

    5. Once the knowledge rebuild has completed your module will appear when you add a Search gadget to a Workspaces dashboard (don't forget to refresh your browser).




    You can use this knowledge troubleshooting guide if you're having issues with knowledge rebuilding or searching: Troubleshooting when Knowledge Search isn't working