Lockdown actions for Task Manager fail to apply

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    When using Environment Manager to lockdown areas of Task Manager, you may find that these do not apply at all whereas other lockdown actions work as expected.


    Task Manager is, by default, excluded from Environment Manager therefore the lockdown dll (LockdownMgr.dll) is never injected into the process. As such, the actions do not apply during the session. To enable lockdown management of Task manager, you will need to remove the taskmgr.exe process from the following path:


    Version 8.3-8.5

    - HKLM\Software\AppSense\AsVfxLdr\Exceptions


    Version 8.6+

    - HHKLM\Software\AppSense\Environment Manager\AsModLdr\Exceptions


    Full information on what effect the removal of a process from the list will have can be found in the following article:

    - Environment Manager Engineering Setting - Exceptions (AsVfxLdr.sys)


    Once the value is removed, you should find that LockdownMgr.dll is injected into the Task Manager process and this can be confirmed using the DLLs view of Sysinternals Process Explorer.