How to share your ideas with Share IT?

Version 2

    How do I share something?

    If you have reports, utilities, designs, ideas, or success stories that you would like to share with the rest of the community then please do so here.  We know that our customers love to see what others have achieved.


    Steps to Get Started:

    1. Click on the product focus area in the Share IT space (UEM, ITSM, ITAM, Security, Supply Chain, Reporting & Analytics, or HEAT Software)

        2. Once you are on the designated area, select Actions - Create Document in the upper right section of the page. (this is also located on the right sidebar "Write a document')

       3. Create a title for your document

       4. Please copy and paste the recommended guidelines for headers in the body of your document as shown below:



    <Describe the software and version that you used>



    <Describe what the thing you are sharing does and perhaps also share how it is helpful to you/your business>


    Installation / Configuration

    <Give some details which will help others to successfully implement what you are sharing>



    Please read the Ivanti Share It Disclaimer


        5. Insert links, images, and format your text using the HTML editor toolbar or click the HTML button to the right if you prefer to edit in a HTML view.


      • Note: Do not paste images in from other sources such as Word documents as they will be lost.  Please save your images and insert from the toolbar.
      • You can add attachments via the "Attach" button further down the page.
      • In a Place: Keep the designated place it's setup to save under.
      • You can add tags (keywords) which make it easier to find your document. However if you aren't sure what to put, don't worry, we will add these for you.
      • Categories: Choose the product category the content is relevant to be saved under.
      • Under the Advanced options at the very bottom you may want to select "Just You" to edit this document so that it remains your own work.  However please leave the Comment Policy to Open.

       6. Click "Save Draft" to save or preview your work.

       7. Click "Publish" when you are finished.  There will be a delay whilst your work is given a very quick review and then published.  You can still edit your document again later if needed but it will need to go through approval again.


    Thank you for taking the time to share with the Community!