Resetting the Server Configuration Portal (SCP)

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 10.0



    There may be times when you need to reset the Server Configuration Portal Instances and reverting them back to the point before they were first configured.



    To Reset Management Server


    Open an Elevated Powershell window


    Use the following commands to reset the Management Server instance.


    Import-Module AppSenseInstances

    Import-ApsInstanceModule -IsDefault -ProductName "Management Server"

    Reset-ApsServer -Force



    This then resets the Management Server instance.



    At this point you need to close the PowerShell Window as you cannot unbind it from the Management Server.

    To Reset Personalization Server


    Resetting the Personalization Server should be as easy as the Management Server however, there is no Product Name for Personalization so you need to use the instance ID.


    So the first thing we need to do is get the instance ID


    Re-open Powershell as Admin.


    Enter the commands below to


    Import-Module AppSenseInstances




    This will give you a list of the Instances and more importantly, the Personalization Server InstanceID. Copy the InstanceId.



    Import-ApsInstanceModule -InstanceID '<Paste InstanceID Here>'




    This will then reset the PS instance.