All Touch TE (Velocity): Premade WT6000 Transparent Keyboards

Version 13


    Velocity 1.2.107 (Released 27 April 2017)

    Zebra WT6000 wearable


    Common Issues:

    • Default on-screen keyboard has small buttons
    • The keyboard is not transparent
    • Busy screen space

    Solution and Strategies:

    • Native Mode Theme (font size)
    • Transparent Keyboards
    • BIGGER buttons

    Depending on what kind of WMS you are connecting to, you might benefit from using Transparent Keyboards placing the majority of the keys on the right side of the WT6000 screen.

    How to Set Up Transparent Keyboard:

    1. Open a new Velocity project

      Otherwise you will OVERWRITE your current keyboards

    2. In the Host Profile, at the bottom turn on Transparent Keyboards
    3. Set transparency to 80%
    4. Set the Keyboard to Cover 100% of the screen
      IMPORTANT: Make sure your Host Profile options match the below options

      WARNING: this WILL overwrite other keyboards, Be sure to BACK UP your current project before importing!
    5. Save your project (and or back up your project)
    6. Import the attached keyboards (Velocity: How to import keyboards from Velocity project files)
    7. Press Deploy to create the WLDEP file


    Keyboards you will receive:


    Numeric Keyboard:

    Alpha Keyboards:

    Function Keyboard: