Algiz RT7 - Connecting device to PC / Setting up Velocity / Setting up scan buttons

Version 4


    Algiz RT7 by Handheld Group

    Velocity TE 1.2.104 or later


    What is covered in this Article:

    • How to connect Algiz RT7 to your PC
    • How to set up Velocity on the RT7
    • Setting up scan buttons on the RT7


    How to connect Algiz RT7 to your PC:


    Some Algiz RT7 are shipped with USB Host mode enabled by default. This means that the device will act as a USB host and not as a client. To change this:

    1. Open Settings
    2. Go to USB Host
    3. Disable the host mode and reconnect any USB cables currently plugged in


    You can find the more about this answer here:


    How to set up Velocity on the RT7

    1. Import the attached scripts into your Velocity project
    2. Link both scripts to the entire session (For help on this, see: Velocity - How to link a script to the session, a screen, or a field )
    3. For the "Append Hex" script, the value needs to be "0D"
      • This will send an enter after the scanned data
    4. On the device, go to Settings > Barcode > Wedge
    5. Set the Prefix to "{" an open curly bracket
    6. Set the Suffix to "}" a closing curly bracket


    How to set one of the four main buttons to be the scanner:


    Go to settings > Accessibility > Hot Keys. Then set one or multiple buttons to be “Scan Barcode”.