Picklist Mode Android Zebra Devices Velocity

Version 2

    Issue: Picklist mode will not turn on Zebra Android devices using Velocity


    First thing you will need to check your current version of the EMDK from Zebra.  This will need to be updated to Version 6.x or higher.


    To check your EMDK version go to Settings> Apps> All> scroll down and tap EMDK Service and you will see the version listed at the top.


    Please contact Zebra support to update this.  Note: it does require Android Studio to be installed before you are able to update the EMDK.


    Within your Velocity Console open up your project.  Under Host> Scanner> select your scanner profile and click edit or add a new Zebra profile.


    Select Reader Settings> select Enable (Reticle) under Picklist



    Select Scan Settings and set the Scanner to Internal Imager then click OK



    Save and deploy your project.