How to create Add Attachments collection on newly created modules

Version 4

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    Service Desk 2016.xService Desk 2017.x

    When creating a new module, you may have the need to be able to map attachments. If so, you will have to create the Attachment collection and action on your new module as described below.


    1. In Object Designer, create a new module where module name is Test Management and top-level object name is Test.

    2. Create an object Named Test Attachment    NOTE: (THIS OBJECT MUST INCLUDE ATTACHMENT or ATTACHMENTS in it's name!)

    3. Drag Test to Test Attachment. Select "Yes" on the window.

    4. In <Test>, a collection named <Test Attachments Collection> is created. Select <Test Attachments Collection> and click Manage Actions in Actions panel.

    5. Create a Creation Action named <Add Attachment>, save the changes.

    6. In Process Designer, create an available process of <Test> in Process Management, and activated it.

    7. In Administration -> Mail,  create a new mapping and select the newly created process of Test Management in Process dropdown list.

    8. In Business Attributes, the Attachments collection listed in the tree.