Licensing VelocityCE

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    VelocityCE 1.0

    After purchasing your licenses you will receive an email like below:

    Follow the registration link located at the bottom:


    At the registration page you have the ability to register all or some of your licenses by editing the text box to the right of the license type name.  After making your changes click Register Products.



    On the next page enter all of the required information and click Next Step.



    One of the most frequently asked questions pertains to the next page.  It is a carry over from the older system that provided the download links and was never upgraded.  The manufacturer, model and operating system does not matter.  So if you do not see your device listed there is nothing to worry about.  Simply select something random, and then click Next Step.


    On the final page you have the opportunity to review your options and go back and make a change if needed.  If everything looks good, select Complete Registration.



    After registration you will receive an email like below with your license information:



    There are two ways to add your licenses to a device.


    First you can use a license server which is free to download from Ivanti.

    Downloads - Emulation License Server

    How to setup license server:

    How to set up the Emulation License Server


    In Velocity CE you will set the license server address within Configuration Settings:



    The second way is manually:


    First open VelocityCE and go to Options> Configure> Authorization



    You will come to the Authorization screen.  Here you can view the existing licenses or add a new one.  All spacing and capitalization matters.  Once it is added click Authorize.



    One of the most common errors is Authorization Code Check Failed!  This only occurs when something was not input correctly.  Such as a 1 that was input as a lowercase L.


    Here is a link to troubleshooting the above issue:


    Authorization Code Check Failed