Velocity API: Device.vibrate()

Version 1

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    Sends haptic feedback at intervals to the device scanner.

    Use Cases

    • You want to create a vibration pattern on a device scanner.
    • You want to override default haptic settings.


    Only Zebra WT6000 devices with the RS6000 scanner are supported.



    Device.vibrate(vibrateTime, vibratePattern);
    vibrateTimeThe duration of the haptic feedback.IntegerRequiredAccepted values in milliseconds are any number between 0 and 2550. If values are entered for vibratePattern, then this parameter is ignored.
    vibratePatternThe pattern of haptic feedback, entered in on and off durations.IntegerRequiredAccepted values in milliseconds are any number between 0 and 2550, with each value separated by a comma. Values must be entered in pairs to indicate on and off durations for each haptic. You may include up to four pairs.


    Example 1

    /* Vibrate in a pattern of four pairs of integers, indicating on and off durations. */