CETerm: Sounding a tone using #T command in a 5250 session

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    CETerm 5.7


    CETerm 5.7


    How to Sound a tone using #T command in a 5250 session

    You can use special commands as part of the 5250 data stream to sound a different audible tone. The business logic used to trigger the tone may be determined by the host application.

    You can use the #T tone command to trigger a tone. Bascially, your 5250 host application needs to send a screen with this command on it. Here are the steps

    • Create an AS/400 screen with the content #T, etc. starting in column 2 of row 1 (column 1 has an attribute)

    • Be sure to put an input "status reply" field on the screen. This should go on row 24, column 1. This will be filled automatically with a success or failure code that the host can see when the screen fields are returned.

    • Send the screen to the device when you want to make the tone.

    • CETerm will interpret the screen, play the tone, and automatically press the AID key you have specified in the command.

    Additionally, you may also be able to invoke a script which implements tone generation. This script would be loaded in CETerm and invoked from an event triggered in the 5250 session or by the host application.