How to change your Discussion View Style (Flat VS Threaded)

Version 1

    Difference between Flat and Threaded Discussion View Styles

    When it comes to how discussions and corresponding responses are displayed in the community, there are two distinct Discussion View Styles:

    • Flat  - all posts are along the same margin  


    • Threaded - posts are indented, depending on which post was replied to


    Changing your Discussion View Style

    To change your Discussion View Style in the community, you must first login.  Then:

    • Select the drop down arrow next to your Avatar icon in the upper-right corner of the page and choose Preferences

    • Look for the Discussion View Style option in the menu and select either Flat or Threaded

    • Click the Save button at the bottom of the list to save your preferences


    Note: This option also exists for the Comment View Style and can be set in the Comment View Style menu option