Naurtech/CETerm Licensing

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    Ordering licenses can be done online, by email/fax or by using the Web Order Form.  These are all found at the below link:

    NAURTECH: How To Buy


    Any issues with the order process should be addressed via Naurtech sales:

    [email protected]


    Once you have received your order information, you will need to login to the licensing portal:


    If you do not have your login information please contact support.


    The first time you login to your portal there will be a short tutorial.  You can read through this by hitting Next, or disregard by hitting Skip.  (Note: you can click the help question mark anywhere on the page to bring this information back up)



    You can create license keys by pasting the ID's (this can be either the serial numbers or MAC addresses listed in CETerm on the device) in the left text box.  You can put one ID per line and you must choose the version you are licensing for.  Once the information is correct, click Generate Keys.


    All of your active keys will be shown in the top right window.

    Important feature to remember here:

    If in the top right corner there is a green check you have maintenance.  This allows unlimited transfers and full support.  A red X means you are not maintained.  Please contact [email protected] to have transfers released.

    To move a device from active to inactive and vice versa, simply click on the icon beside the Org/User Id and drag it to the correct window. (You will be asked to Enter your name and change the reason.)

    Th total quantity, available and used numbers are listed at the bottom.

    To see usage by version, click See Version Details.

    You can obtain the XML file by clicking the red Download XML button.  (This is used for auto licensing: Configuring Automated license registration )


    Manual licensing doc: CETerm: Instructions to register Naurtech Emulators and Browser manually (Version 4.1 and above)



    All inactive keys are shown in the bottom window.

    You have the ability to buy more transfers by clicking the Buy more transfers link at the top of this window.  This will take you to the page for purchase. (Any issues with the order of transfers should be referred to [email protected])

    As with above you can drag the icon from here to reactivate and inactive license key.



    Common license issues and questions:


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