How to overcome Errors During Workspaces Upgrade

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    As of LDMS 2016.0 SU4, WorkSpaces received an architecture change requiring a separate database. In some Environments there is a need to manually upgrade this new database using "Configuration Center". This document describes how to apply a Service Update to the WorkSpaces database.




    Most failures during this upgrade process are caused by the applications inability to obtain explicit access to the database. To resolve this we simply need to modify the application logon policy prior to the upgrade.


    Step by Step


      1. Navigate to your core servers web application "Configuration Center" (Https://CORENAME/ConfigurationCenter)
      2. Open the "Default BridgeIT" Instance.

        Edit the My.Framework Application
      3. Change the "Logon policy" to "Explicit Only" and click "OK"
      4. Upgrade the My.Framework application.
      5. Edit the My.Framework Application
      6. Change the "Logon policy" to "Token Only"
      7. Enter your STS credentials and click "OK"