Velocity: Obtaining your SSL certificate

Version 6


    Velocity 1.2.108


    Problem / Issue:

    I need to connect through SSL to my Emulation server but do not have the certificate to import into my Emulation project.



    If you have access to the url you can obtain the certificate directly from the Emulation Server. Below are the steps to obtain the Chain or CA. For this demonstration we will be using Chrome.


    1. In Chrome navigate to the host application
      1. Example: https: //
    2. This will bring up the security warning.

         3. From here in Chrome, Press F12 to put the browser into console mode and navigate to the Security Tab

         4. Click on View Certificate:

    You will then see the Certificate window appear

    Click on the details Tab:

    And then click on the Copy To File… and Next. You will then be prompted to save the CER to file.


    Pick your DER or Base-64 and save as a cer


    This is what we will use within the Velocity Project..