Wavelink Smart Device Remote Control Files

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.0Avalanche 6.2


    This document is to be use as a reference guide for what files are required for Wavelink Smart Device Remote Control


    Server Side:

    The Gateway is the central server that allows for devices and desktop viewers to connect and authenticate. This file can use a local or external database. This must be reachable for any connection you want to establish.


    System Requirements

    Installation Files

    Splashtop Gateway

    Device Side

    Each device has three files that are associated to one another to allow for them to connect to the gateway.  A json file that allows for auto connection (this should be optional). A platform service that is signed by the device manufacturer. Finally, the Streamer which is the frontend GUI that allow for connecting to the server.

    It is important to ensure you use the device manufacturer files for the correct devices. if you mix these files up it can cause functionality issues.

    System Requirements

    Installation Files

    The splashtop.streamer.json file is a text file that you must create it will need to look like this:

    1. Splashtop.streamer.json
      • \enterprise\usr\persist (For Zebra Device Only)
      • \persist (For Non-Zebra Devices)
      • \sdcard (For samsung)
    2. Manufacturer Specific Files:
    • Platform Service APK - (Backend)
      • completely different APK per vendor
      • Panasonic for Panasonic
      • Intermec for Intermec
      • Honeywell for Honeywell
      • Etc.
    • Streamer APK - (Frontend)
      • Two versions Zebra or non-zebra

    Desktop Client

    The desktop client is the application that users will use to remote control to your android smart devices. This component will be integrated into Avalanche console in the near future.

    System Requirements

    Installation Files

    RC Desktop Client

    Obtaining Files

    All files will be obtainable through the Wavelink download section. Go to the Wavelink Software downloads page:


    Next use the right drop down menu and select Avalanche Remote Control. Finally, look for Wavelink Smart Device Remote Control


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