How To: Use Remote Execute - Run as Administrator Function in Remote Control

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    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x


    This article aims at explaining how to use the Remote Execute - run as administrator function in LDMS Remote Control.


    Step by Step

    1. In Agent setting> Remote Control Setting > General settings, select Run programs on remote device, and Run as administrator.



    2. Set up a change settings task or wait for security scan to run on the client to update this setting to the managed device.

    NOTE: On how to set up a change setting task, refer to How to change the Antivirus setting on a client , replace the Antivirus setting with the Remote Control setting that was just modified.


    3. In the Network View, right click on the managed device, select Remote Control> Remote Control. The viewer will be open.


    4. In the blank next to the Run bar, input any command you wanted to execute as administrator. It is the same as Windows Start> Run program.


    E.g. Step 1. Input CMD and hit Enter, the command prompt will be opened as administrator.



    Step 2. Input CD C:\windows\system32 and Enter, it now enters the directory.




    NOTE: Run as administrator will only work when the command is executed in the Run bar on top of the Remote Control viewer. If the user doesn't have admin permissions, and by right click on the program and select run as administrator, it will still prompt for credentials.