Upgrading the DataNow/File Director appliance between major versions

Version 4

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    When upgrading the DataNow / File Director appliance between two different major versions (for example between 3.x and 4.x), you will need to create a new appliance and then backup and restore the configuration of the old appliance to the new one.




    In this example we will give the high-level steps required to upgrade from version 3.6 to 4.2:

    • First, log into the administrative console of the 3.6 appliance and navigate to "Configuration > Advanced".
    • In the "Backup Appliance Configuration" section, click "Download Snapshot", optionally specifying a password, to download the file "DataNow_Snapshot":

    If you are using the same hostname and IP address on the new appliance, we would recommend using alternate temporary values until you are ready to switch over, to ensure users are not directed to the unconfigured appliance.

    • For the initial configuration of the new appliance, the steps are the same as those found in the Appliance configuration guide - AppSense DataNow 4.1 Windows Update 1 Install and Configure Guide
    • Once the new appliance is up and you are able to access the administrative console, navigate to "Home > Backup & Restore" and click 'Choose file' to locate the "DataNow_Snapshot" file created earlier.

    • Click "Restore Settings" to apply the Appliance Configuration, the console may be responsive briefly during this time.
    • Once the Configuration has been applied, navigate through the console to ensure your settings have been carried across correctly.