How to scan and query for non listed applications / files.

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    While scanning machines in your network you might notice that some applications less known or custom applications are not being displayed on the list. There is a list of several thousand applications, providing a baseline of executables that your devices may have installed. Due to a huge number of applications available on the market and specialized apps created for specific clients every day it is not possible for us to feature a full list of known applications. Scanning for all executables on the machine would just cause more issues as each computer can have a couple of thousands of exe files.

    How To:

    If you have a custom application made for your company or less known app that you would like to scan that is not on our baseline list of executables you can add it manually to your Console. (If there is an application that is on the list and you do not wish to scan for it, then you can select 'Do not scan for this file' option).


    Step by Step:

    Open LDMS and navigate to Tools > Reporting and Monitoring > Manage Software.

    1. Under 'Files' right click on the 'To be scanned' and click on 'New'.

    2. Enter the file name of the application that you wish to add (for example myapplication.exe). Size = 1

    3. You can click 'OK' and application will be added or you can click on 'plus' button and fill in additional information about an application like:

    a) Size

    b) Product Name

    c) Vendor

    d) Version

    7. Action or State = 'To be scanned'

    4. Select your application from the list and click on the 'Make Available to clients' button on the toolbar.

    5. Do scans on your machines and then you will be able to create a query for your custom application. (Software > Package > Filename and see if that file shows up)