User removed in console but still showing in SQL

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    The following article contains information on manipulating your database.

    It is CRITICAL that you have a full backup of your database prior to making any modifications to the database.

    Failure to backup your database may result in permanent loss of some, or even all data.


    Please consult with your DBA where applicable.



         This document addresses an instance where a user is deleted from User Management in Ivanti Management Console, but is still showing in the ConsoleUser table in the SQL database. If an attempt is made to re-add that user, they will receive an error due to the user already existing.




         Essentially, the user's UserType needs to be changed from NULL to a value that will make it so it will appear in the GUI of Ivanti Management Console under User Management. Once visible, you can delete the user normally and confirm it was removed in the database.


         If an attempt is made to delete the user directly in the SQL server, there will be a number of constraints that will prohibit the user from being deleted. The solution provided below is the recommended method to resolve this issue.


    Checking the user in the ConsoleUser table:

                   1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

                   2. Right-click the Core database > click New Query


                      3. Execute one of the queries below to view the ConsoleUser table:

                                       select * from ConsoleUser


                                       select * from ConsoleUser where UserName like 'Domain\UserName'

    Substitute 'Domain\UserName' with the user information


                      4. Locate the UserName and take note of the ConsoleUser_Idn


    The ConsoleUser_Idn will be used in a later step


                      5. Verify the UserType is set to NULL


    The UserType dictates whether or not the user will be viewable in User Management in the Ivanti Management Console


    Updating the UserType of the user:

                        1. Execute the following query to update the UserType of the user so that it will be viewable in the GUI of Ivanti Management Console:

                                            update ConsoleUser

                                            set UserType='0'

                                            where ConsoleUser_Idn = 'ConsoleUser_Idn'

    Substitute 'ConsoleUser_Idn' for the number obtained in step 4


    Deleting the user from the core:

                    To validate the changes we made in SQL worked, we will need to sign out of the core, run three .exe that will resolve our user groups and rights. We will then delete the user in User Management.

                        1. Logout of of Ivanti Management Console on your core server

                        2. Navigate to the ManagmentSuite folder on your core, typically located under C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite

                        3. Right-click and run as administrator on the three following .exe:

          • CreateLANDeskRights.exe
          • ResolveDBCustomGroups.exe
          • ResolveUserGroups.exe

                        4. Login to Ivanti Management console and navigate to Tools > Administration > User management


                        5. Right-click on the user who should now be showing in UserManagement and click delete


    Verify the user was removed from the ConsoleUser table:

                   Execute the command from step 3 of the first section to verify that the user was successfully removed from the ConsoleUser table in the SQL database.