Ivanti Product Names

Version 13

    Ivanti's History

    As Ivanti has evolved, so too have the product names. We have provided a list of old product names and new re-branded names along with any other revised public names.

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    Product Groups

    Ivanti has moved away from grouping products by their old brand name (e.g. LANDESK, HEAT, AppSense, Shavlik. Wavelink etc..) and moving to the new product type groups:

    • IT Asset Management (ITAM)
    • IT Service Management (ITSM)
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • Security
    • Supply Chain
    • User Endpoint Management (UEM)

    Product name changes

    • If there is nothing in the Rebrand Name / New Name columns then the product name is not changing.
    • If there is nothing in the Old Product Name column then this is a new product (most likely a bundle or new licencing option).
    • If the product is crossed out or not listed, it is no longer actively sold.  This does not mean the product is End of Life.  Check End of Life pages for any information on this.


    For a downloadable PDF Ivanti Product Name list, click here to download!


    IT Asset Management (ITAM)


    Old Product NameNew Product Name (short)
    Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite
    LANDESK Asset CentralIvanti Asset Manager for Endpoints
    LANDESK Data AnalyticsIvanti  License Optimizer for Clients
    LANDESK Asset IntelligenceIvanti License Optimizer for Clients
    HEAT License Manager (EMSS)

    Ivanti License Optimizer

    • Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients
    • Ivanti License Optimizer for Servers
    NEW 2017 Product

    Ivanti Data Center Discovery

    • Ivanti License Optimizer (Ivanti License Optimizer for Servers)


    IT Service Management (ITSM)


    Old Product NameNew Product Name (short)
    Landesk Service DeskIvanti Service Desk
    Heat Service ManagementIvanti Service Manager
    LANDESK Password CentralIvanti Password Central
    HEAT VoiceIvanti Voice
    LANDESK Skype for Business AdapterIvanti Skype for Business Adapter
    LANDESK Computer Telephony IntegrationIvanti Computer Telephony Integration

    Reporting and Analytics


    Old Product NameNew Product Name (short)
    AppSense InsightIvanti Insight
    XtractionIvanti Xtraction
    Xtraction for Management Suite ConnectorIvanti Xtraction for Endpoint Manager Connector
    Xtraction Service Desk ConnectorIvanti Xtraction for Service Desk Connector, powered by LANDESK
    Xtraction Protect ConnectorIvanti Xtraction for Patch for Windows Connector
    Xtraction for DesktopNow ConnectorIvanti Xtraction for DesktopNow Connector
    Xtraction for Avalanche ConnectorIvanti Xtraction for Avalanche Connector
    NEW 2017 ProductIvanti Xtraction for Endpoint Security Connector
    NEW 2017 ProductIvanti Xtraction for Service Manager Connector, powered by HEAT
    NEW 2017 ProductIvanti Xtraction for VOICE Connector, powered by HEAT


    Security Products


    Old Product NameNew Product Name (short)
    LANDESK Security SuiteIvanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager
    LANDESK Patch ManagerIvanti Patch for Endpoint Manager
    Shavlik Protect

    Ivanti Patch for Windows

    • Ivanti Patch for Windows Workstations
    • Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers
    Shavlik Patch for SCCMIvanti Patch for SCCM
    AppSense Application ManagerIvanti Application Control
    Heat Endpoint Management and Security Suite (EMSS)Ivanti Endpoint Security
    HEAT EMSS (Patchlink component only)

    Ivanti Patch for Linux, UNIX, Mac

    • Ivanti Patch for Mac
    • Ivanti Patch for Linux, UNIX
    HEAT ESIvanti Device Control


    Supply Chain


    Old Product Name

    New Product Names
    Wavelink AvalancheIvanti Avalanche
    Wavelink VelocityIvanti Velocity
    Wavelink SpeakeasyIvanti Speakeasy
    Wavelink Terminal EmulationIvanti Terminal Emulation
    Wavelink Industrial BrowserIvanti Industrial Browser
    Wavelink VelocityCEIvanti VelocityCE
    Smart Device Remote ControlIvanti Smart Device Remote Control
    Wavelink Avalanche Remote ControlIvanti Avalanche Remote Control
    Wavelink Avalanche SecurePlusIvanti Avalanche SecurePlus
    Wavelink Certificate ManagerIvanti Certificate Manager
    Wavelink ConnectProIvanti ConnectPro
    Naurtech CETermIvanti CETerm

    Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)


    Old Product NameNew Product Names
    AppSense DataNowIvanti File Director
    AppSense Environment ManagerIvanti Environment Manager
    AppSense DesktopNow PlusIvanti User Workspace Manager
    AppSense DesktopNowIvanti DesktopNow
    AppSense Performance ManagerIvanti Performance Manager
    LANDESK Management SuiteIvanti Endpoint Manager
    LANDESK Inventory ManagerIvanti Inventory Manager
    HEAT LANrevIvanti LANrev
    HEAT DSMIvanti DSM


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