How to stop the Personalization ArchiveDaily or ArchiveDailyPurge job

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    By default, the archive job (which includes the purge job at after the archives have been created) starts at 01:00 and it is usually expected that it should complete within a few hours. If it runs for longer than expected and it needs to be canceled - for example if it is affecting performance while users are using the system - the job can be stopped by using the method described below.

    In EM version 10.0 and above the AutomaticArchiveExpiryTime setting in Advanced Settings will stop the job at the specified time. Therefore this article should not apply if your server is above this version.

    Please note that stopping the job before it is completed will also mean that the old archives will not be purged as the SQL transaction(s) may be rolled back (version dependant). Therefore the database may be larger than expected. It is not recommended to cancel the archive job on a regular basis as this will cause abnormal database growth.

    See the following article for more information: Personalization Server archive purge job fails causing abnormal database growth



    1. Go to SQL Server Management Studio

    2. Expand the Personalization database and go to Programmability > Stored Procedures

    3. Right click dbo.ArchiveRequestStop and choose Execute Stored Procedure...

    4. Click OK

    5. Check that the Return Value is 0 - this means that the job was successfully stopped