Legacy remote control giving "Unable to talk to core, authentication fails." message

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    LANDESK Management Suite 9.6LANDESK Management Suite 2016.xLANDESK Endpoint Manager 2017.x




    Unable to talk to core, authentication fails.




    1. Ensure that the agent in question responds to an LDPing or telnet on port 9595.
      1. If not there is something wrong with the agent.
    2. Shut down both of the "LANDesk" COM+ components. Now, start them both. If you get an error message, please reboot the core server. If that doesn't help, try this: How to rebuild the LANDesk COM+ Objects
    3. The "Identity" should be set to a user who has read access to the domain and local admin rights on all client machines.