How to view iOS device logs using Xcode

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    I can't locate the MDM and AOD logs on my iOS device!




    Due to the way the iOS handles logging, we are unable to view logs directly from within the application. In order to view the application logs, you will need a Mac computer with Xcode installed, which can be found here, or by Searching Xcode in the Apple App Store. Xcode is a large application, so please allow enough time to download and install it.



    Opening the Logs

    Once installed, you'll need to launch the app. When the app is launched, all you'll see is the icon in the dock with no application in the background, this behavior is expected. At this point you have two methods to launch the function needed to view the device logs.


    1.  You can use the following keyboard shortcut: Shift+Command+2

    2.  In the menu bar at the top of the screen, click the Window menu, and select Devices.




        2a.  Locate your connected device in the device list.


    2b.  The information will appear in a rolling log in the bottom window.