Velocity: Scan Stripping

Version 3


    Velocity Console 1.2.x


    How to set up Scan Stripping:

    1. Open your project
    2. Import the attached script
    3. Link the script to the session




    The symbology to which this rule will apply. To allow any symbology select "ALL".

    Min Length:

    The minimum length the scan data needs to be to apply this rule. Any scan shorter than this will not be modified. Setting this to 0 or 1 is the same as no minimum.

    Max Length:

    The maximum length the scan data can be to apply this rule. Any scan longer than this will not be modified. If you set this value to 0, then no max length will be enforced.

    Use Original Length:

    If set to "TRUE" the matching rules will be based on the original length of the scan before it was modified by any scripts. If "FALSE" then it will use the current length of the scan after modification by any previous scripts.

    Match Offset:

    The 0 based index to find the Match text at.

    Match Text:

    The text that must exist at the "Match Offset". If the search text does not exist then the barcode will not be modified.

    Strip Offset:

    This is the index where the stripping of characters begins.

    Start Position:

    This parameter determines whether the index begins at the start or end of the barcode.

    Number of Characters:

    This is the number of characters to strip.



    Strip first 3 characters from Code39 Barcodes that have original length of 14 characters:

    Strip first character on Code128 Barcodes with original length of 12 characters