Certain Pinned Icons fail to appear after upgrading to EM 10.1

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    Environment Manager 10.1



    After upgrading to EM 10.1, you may notice that certain pinned icons no longer appear for users when you are using any Windows Personalization group which contains either of the Out-Of-The-Box settings 'TaskBar' or 'Start Menu', for example:



    This will affect any application which is not available on the endpoint before the user has logged on, so is more likely to be seen with App-V applications.




    EM 10.1 introduces a new feature called "Enhanced Shortcut Management" which stops a personalized shortcut from being displayed if its' target does not exist on the endpoint.


    In previous versions, if a shortcut was created before its' target was available you would see a 'white' icon unless you forced a refresh of the desktop, as outlined in the following article - Blank icons on Redirected Desktop


    This new feature is enabled when either the 'Start Menu' or 'TaskBar' setting mentioned previously is assigned to the user, and works as follows:


    1. The users' personalization data is synced down before policy actions configured on the "Pre-Desktop" trigger apply.
    2. At this point, we check for the presence of Windows Settings with names of either "Start Menu" or "Taskbar".
    3. If either of these settings are present for the user, we will check each personalized shortcut to see whether the target application exists on the endpoint.
    4. If the target application does not exist at this point, the shortcut will not be shown for the rest of the users session.


    This process does not take place again at any point during the users' session, so for example if you are syncing a users App-V applications on either the Pre-Desktop or Desktop Created triggers using EM policy, the shortcuts for these applications will not appear for the user.


    Unfortunately this behaviour is considered by design, and will apply whenever the "Start Menu" or "Taskbar" settings are applied.


    A customer has raised a feature request to allow this feature to be disabled in a future release, if this is something you would also like to see then please vote for the feature request at the following location: